Visiting Santa Cruz Island is a wonderful experience. From camping & kayaking to day trips with just enough hiking.

The National Park Service says this about the island:

“Santa Cruz Island is the perfect place for a one-day trip and short or long overnight camping trips. This is the easiest island to get to, has the best weather, and offers the most recreational activities. As with all the Channel Islands, visiting Santa Cruz Island is an exercise in preparation and self-reliance. Since there are no services on the islands, there are no remedies for poor planning once you have arrived.”

Getting There

Santa Cruz Island is easy to get to. Island Packers has daily boats that go out to the Channel Islands, including Santa Cruz.  Learn more here.

Island Adventures

Kayaking through the endless sea caves and along the island is an experience that can’t be matched. Make sure to use a company that is approved by the National Park.  We recommend Santa Barbara Adventure Company.